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Former Promoter of GGC and Passport Conman, Jeff Berwick, Exposed


After we began exposing Jeff Berwick for some of his crimes against GGC, as well as other projects and victims, this video was sent to us by a residency and investment firm in Dubai. This residency firm stated to us that, via his Mexican passport scam, Jeff Berwick swindled them out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Berwick outlines much of his passport scam(s) in the video. We have not edited the video in any way. The captions were added by the residency firm in Dubai.  
As this all pertains to Galt's Gulch Chile, Berwick has been an integral part of the smear campaign against GGC.  Since mid-2013, Berwick, and his close colleague, Chris Serin, have intentionally created millions of dollars in damages for GGC, after their demands for ownership in GGC were rejected due to unpaid debts owed to the Founding Partner of GGC. We hope that this video helps to prevent others from being harmed by Berwick, or those who work with him. To the best of our knowledge, the federal authorities, banking authorities, and others, in the US, Canada, Mexico, and elsewhere, are investigating Berwick, Serin and others for Berwick's passport scams, bank fraud, and what appears to be other possible crimes...with many victims  Galt's Gulch Chile is not associated in any way with Jeff Berwick, his drunken blog, his Shemitah scam, his passport scams, nor any other scheme or scam in which Berwick may now be involved.

Berwick Lies To National News Outlets and the Public

  • In March/April of 2013, Berwick lied to national news outlets, such as FoxBusiness, in order to get invited onto their shows. He lied about being the founder of BitcoinATM and that, at the time of the Cyprus banking crisis, BitcoinATM was going into production on BitcoinATM machines that were to be installed in Cyprus, the US and all over the world. It was all a lie on the part of Berwick. Berwick was not the founder of BitcoinATM. He did not have any type of management, or ownership, contract with BitcoinATM whatsoever. BitcoinATM, at the time, consisted of a website and a used ATM machine with Bitcoin software installed on it. That's it. Nothing more. In May of 2013, the actual founder of BitcoinATM told Berwick to disassociate himself from BitcoinATM. This proved to be a prudent move, allowing BitcoinATM to move past Berwick's, soon to come, negative writing about BitcoinATM after he was told to disassociate himself from the company. Email communications are on file outlining the events surrounding BitcoinATM and Berwick's public lies pertaining to it.  


Berwick Works Closely With Convicted Felons

  • Berwick is known to closely associate with convicted criminals. One such party is Edward J Lashlee, a federally convicted felon, whom pled guilty in 2003 to his involvement in an $80,000,000 USD Ponzi scheme, known as the Genesis Fund. Lashlee also pled guilty to the theft of client funds, the creation of fraudulent trusts, and more, which can be found in the US Department of Justice links directly below this paragraph. Berwick and Lashlee are tied contractually to one another via Power of Attorney documents, of which, the originals are being held in safe keeping by the shareholders of GGC, whom are pursuing them in criminal court in Chile. Berwick and Lashlee have been aided by Josh Kirley, whom has criminal investigations underway against him in Chile as well. Kirley, Berwick and Anthony Wile (Vida Cannabis, The Daily Bell) were instrumental in the August 2014 smear campaign against GGC and its founding partner. Berwick, Kirley and Lashlee have aided a real estate swindler in Chile, whom has numerous criminal investigations well underway against him, which were also filed by the founding partner of GGC, followed up by shareholders of GGC. Here are two links pertaining to the crimes of Lashlee:



The Berwicks' False Rape Accusations 

  • In March of 2012, Berwick and his wife, Kena Lisette Moreno Berwick, falsely accused an innocent man of rape. Numerous articles can be found online pertaining to their false accusations. Civil and criminal actions are being investigated at the present time against the Berwicks in Argentina, which is where the events took place, in the town of Cafayate. To the best of our knowledge, the Berwicks have not returned to Argentina since they made these false, and public, accusations in an attempt to destroy this man's life. It is rumored that this heinous act was done in order to cover up their promiscuous and predatory sexual lifestyle. 

Here is a link to one of many news articles (in Spanish) about the Berwicks' false accusations and the court trial:






'El Siglo' Newspaper. Cafayate, Argentina.




 Berwick Womanizing Innocent Victims


  • Following this paragraph, is a statement provided to us by a young lady, named Sophie, whom met Berwick, with her boyfriend David, while visiting Paraguay in August of 2012. This is similar to other emails, documents, etc. on file that outline Berwick's predatory, and sometimes criminal, treatment of women whom he has attempted to prey upon.
"My boyfriend and I met Mr. Berwick while traveling. We had been following his TDV blog and were happy to run into him. We agreed to all meet for supper (Mr. Johnson, Mr. Berwick, my partner and myself). Mr. Berwick had a few drinks during supper and continued drinking after supper when we went to a bar. My boyfriend and I were sober. At the bar, Mr. Berwick grabbed my waist and said I was beautiful. I removed his hand and thanked him for the compliment. Later on at a different bar when my boyfriend went to the washroom and Mr. Johnson went to order, I was left alone with Mr. Berwick. He complimented me again and then started to make inappropriate sexual overtures. I immediately asked him to stop and I let him know I was uncomfortable. He stopped for a minute but then went back to being inappropriate. I told him he was out of line and thankfully my boyfriend came back. I shared what happened with my boyfriend and asked him not to leave my side. Needless to say, this event turned us off to what Mr. Berwick and TDV had to offer."




Berwick Email:  Hookers and Blow (Cocaine)


  • Directly below this paragraph, you will find an email from Berwick, to Ken Johnson, the founding partner of Galt's Gulch Chile, in August of 2012, just prior to flying to Chile to look at GGC's land for the first time.  Berwick made the trip to Chile, but never viewed the land with Mr. Johnson while there. Berwick chose to stay in bed with a prostitute he had hired the night before, to then fly home to his wife that afternoon, less than 24 hours after arriving in Chile. This email sums up almost our entire experience with Berwick, as he demanded that GGC pay for his booze, hotels, drugs and prostitutes.







Berwick Emails Outlining His Passport Fraud

  • Finally, directly below, is an email exchange between Berwick and a potential client of Berwick's Mexico citizenship scheme, outlining the on-going solicitation of funds by Berwick. The last name and email address of the client have been removed for privacy reasons. These emails, and others, which outline Berwick's direct involvement in his schemes, were sent to us recently by one of the parties that have been defrauded by Berwick.    
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Jeff Berwick" <>
Date: 30 Jul 2015 2:17 am
Subject: Re: Confirmation before payment
To: Fathi 


Hi Fathi,
Sorry again for my late reply, in between airports again on my way to Vancouver to speak at three different conferences in the next 5 days!
If my answer seemed vague it is because, as I told you, I am not involved in any of the day-to-day or management operations of TDV Global.  But, as I said, Chris Martin can answer all of those questions easily and as I mentioned I have total confidence in Chris as I have known him and worked with him for a long time.
While Mr. Martin would have to double-check the accounting as he manages TDV Global, if I had to estimate, TDV processed about 40-50 clients for Mexico alone from 2013-2015...although when adding spouses, children, etc. the total number of applicants was probably closer to 80-100, albeit many being children...
But again, if you ask what our total client base was for, for example, Saint Kitts, or Cyprus, or Dominica, etc. throughout the years...I could only (barely) even estimate as I simply do not track these things from day to day nor month to month, nor year to year...any more than I track my total subscriber base for my financial newsletter from day to day, nor do I track the total number of "Hong Kong offshore bank accounts" opened by my TDV Offshore team on any given day of the year.
We have separate management teams and accounting teams for all of that.
Even so, that total client base processed (for Mexico) is a bit misleading as TDV's legal teams in Mexico City and Acapulco had already processed hundreds of applications from foreigners throughout the years and decades in Mexico previously.  Those Mexican immigration law teams only partnered with TDV starting in 2013 to present, though, so we (TDV) cannot take credit for their Mexican immigration/citizenship successes prior to 2013.  We can only jointly claim their success from 2013 to present when it was in partnership with TDV.
As for average processing time, unless something has changed drastically in the past month or so (if so, I'm sure Mr. Martin and Ahmad would have informed you of it already), it just depends on how quickly a client submits the necessary documents requested.
From what I know and have seen, some clients have them (required documents) in place immediately and are completed in 3-4 months...sometimes in less than 3 months...and sometimes even in just barely 2 months...while other clients submit incorrect documents, or have extended delays in their document collections, and can take 6-9 months as their new document takes months to arrive, or they just delay even applying for it, etc..
While a median processing time is around 4-months in recent times, TDV Global has had many document reviews that were much, much quicker than that, while they've also had other clients that took literally one full year to even assemble all their necessary documents as their new passport wasn't a priority for them (often retirees from the US or Europe who don't feel the impetus to expedite their processing as much as the average Chinese or Indian or Middle Eastern applicant might feel)...
That being said, if you do not delay in submitting the necessary documents to Mr. Ahmad and Mr. Martin upon request, your process should easily be finalized in the median average of 3-4 months from everything I that have seen of current processes.

On Tue, Jul 28, 2015 at 3:30 PM, Fathi  wrote:

Dear Mr Berwick, 
Your last response doesn't give me great confidence in pursuing my passport application. It seem's vague and diverts away from my line of enquiry. This is my concern.
Please respond with an answer to the following: 
1. How many successful applications have TDV done for Mexican Citizenship? Single numbers, double digits? "numerous clients" could be 2 it could 22 
2. On average how long did it take from starting the process to completion for your customers to getting the actual passport? 
Thank you dear,

On Tue, Jul 28, 2015 at 8:05 AM, Jeff Berwick <> wrote:
Hi Fathi,
Chris has spoken to me about some of the issues you have and also how flexible you are on the process (which is good because it gives TDV Global a lot more options in case there is a problem/delay).
Just for your information, Chris Martin is TDV Global's Managing Partner while Ahmad runs the Canadian and UAE representative offices, also a partnership.
But TDV Media is the original parent company of which I am CEO.  Chris Martin oversees all of TDV Global but was previously Managing Partner on TDV Passports.  So his duties have remained virtually the same even though he has advanced the business tremendously.
I operate TDV Media and I trust these men with my business interests, both Mr. Martin and Mr. Ahmad.
And yes, I can verify that one of the programs (the one I think they will likely put you on) has had a 100% success rate and numerous clients.  If you do need to come to Acapulco (which you probably don't) I am very happy to meet you here.  If you do end up having to come for residency or naturalization then it is part of TDV Global's service to attend to the client from the moment they arrive at the airport and while I am not involved in the day-to-day operation I am happy to meet nonetheless.
Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.
Jeff Berwick

On Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at 1:05 PM, Fathi  wrote:
Dear Mr Berwick 
Thanks for your response. I attach the agreement that I need to sign and the authorized signature is yourself, so I was expecting you to give me some indication on the Mexican program that you offer and attach your name too. I was told I am requested to come to Acapulco which I can see from the website is where your located. I would expect that you would meet and greet your clients when visiting to get there passport? I sure would like to meet you to discuss some investments in Mexico property as I may be relocating with my wife. 
Please dear would you give me some assurances as the authorized signatory of my TDV contact on an estimate of how many successful applications you have done for Mexico citizenship and an estimation, based on those successes, on how long it usually takes from beginning to end. 
I will not feel comfortable wiring $80k to TDV unless I get some concrete numbers which I trust you can provide because so far Mr Martin & Mr Ahmad have been somewhat vague. 
I trust you understand dear, this is alot of my money and I want it to be spent well. 
Thanks, Fathi 

Quotes from the Jeff Berwick Exposed video (above)

  • "My wife is very connected here. She said, ya know, I'm going to look into all my contacts and she gives me this new guy and he was like even bigger than the other guy and he goes: No problem. Eight days (Mexican citizenship and passport). No problem."
  • "So, sorry, uhhh, it's going to be six weeks" (Mexican citizenship and passport).
  • "I'm not, I'm not, like uhhh, scamming you, uhhh. I know we got a lot of problems."
  • "I really have been avoiding you. I was almost suicidal, to be honest. I had to drink a lot actually, just to meet Magby and our other clients."
  • "If I could go back, I wouldn't even get into this business. This has been a complete disaster so far."
  • "The Acapulco program is actually my favorite one. I hope it gets faster, uhhh, now. It is so legitimate, it is almost impossible to see how it cannot be illegitimate. The only thing that goes different is that we just speed it up."
  • "It's typical Mexico."
  • "So, you don't think that I'm some idiot who is just drinking all of the time and whatever."
  • "I didn't really even know this guy. He promised me he's like a big guy. I won't tell you his name, but you can look him up. He's a congressman in Mexico or something. He knows everybody. He, through connections, said oh no problem. I will get this done for you in eight days" (Mexican citizenship and passport).
  • "The next day, the guy said Nah, I can't do it in eight days (Mexican citizenship and passport)."
  • "I drank at least five drinks before I met with anybody. I don't want any sympathy at all. Nothing. But, it's been very hard on me, all of these problems. And they're problems that I'm not causing."
  • "I actually stopped drinking after I saw you. I stopped for like three months. I'm not really even drunk right now, but I needed to have a drink before I talked to you."
  • "But, no, I'm I'm I'm definitely, like I'm workin, man like fuck man, holy shit I've been workin."
  • "I'm workin on other things too, just so you know. I just wanna let you know. Maybe like five different businesses, uhhh, just to make sure I make enough money to pay people back for what I owe them."
  • "Like, at what level are we responsible for things that we are not responsible for, you know what I'm saying?"
  • "This guy is pretty much connected to the top SRE guy. And so I think what really happened with him was. Ya know, he was a little giddy, ahhh, ya know, I flew in just to meet him, and I said, hey, we got some serious clients and he's like, wow, we can get it all done. And I think what happened was, he went and back and talked to everyone and said there is no way they can do this in eight days (Mexican citizenship and passport). We do not want anything fake. We all die if it is fake."
  • "Everything is for sale. Everything. (Other person on Skype call: Does that make it legal?) Well, like every single person is for sale" (bribery, Mr. Berwick?).
  • "If I was going to guess how he was going to do it, he would probably just go to some state, which is like 50 in Mexico, and say, ahhhh, we have this guy and he wants to be naturalized in this state. And they'd give him some money and he'd just stamp (the falsified documents) and then they'd go to the federal government, the SRE guys, and go he's naturalized now and he wants a passport. and they'd go stamp" (Mexican citizenship and passport). "That's really how it is here, like, ahhhh."
  • "It's sorta just the way it is, really. I don't know if this is gonna work, the six week one (Mexican citizenship and passport). I know the Acapulco one works. They just sorta backdate it a little bit" (Mexican citizenship and passport).
  • "The Acapulco program, when it's done, they will come here and we will go to all of the government offices. It's like three of them. Fingerprints and photos and sign and they get a passport in about three days. That one's no problem."
  • "I was gonna tell you. We got ahead of ourselves. We overspent because we thought we, by now, would have ten or twenty clients already gone through and none of them have gone through. Ummm. It's been a terrible couple months" (spending all of the money that you defrauded people out must be terrible for you).
  • "Listen, listen to this, ummm, we already are doing one client through this new six week program" (Mexican citizenship and passport). "So, we're going to test that out. Like, this guy is a big guy. Like, I don't think he will lie to me about this, because his finger prints are gonna be all over this."
  • "We have some very serious, very big people involved here. There is no way this can get all fucked up like this, ever again. I can't say anything until I see it. But, we will make sure, for sure, number one, that, uhhh, that the very first thing that we get from him, if we get anything from him, uhhh, that we will vet it out as much as we possibly can. Like, I will personally take it" (Mexican citizenship and passport) "right to the office. Like, I know people at the office here. So, I'll be like, is this" (Mexican citizenship and passport) "real? Like, look in the computer and is it no problem? Like, we will make sure of that. Ummm."
  • "I was so depressed. I'm still so depressed." (Other person on Skype call: I have three hundred thousand dollars to find) "Yeah, I'm about two hundred ($200,000 USD), including you. You're about a hundred and something ($100,000+ USD), I think and another hundred ($100,000 USD)."
  • "I'm working on about five different things right now. I'm going to probably make about a hundred thousand in one to two months on an investment that is going public. A marijuana investment." (made with swindled Mexico passport money, perhaps?)