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Lots and Pricing

Bitcoin is accepted on all of our lots at GGC! We are presently accepting Bitcoin at 20% over Bitcoin spot price! Right now is a great time to diversify your gains in Bitcoin into real estate at GGC!

GGC is presently selling out the final phase of the Founders Club for our 10-hectare (24.8-acre) residential estate lots, which have some of the most breathtaking locations you will ever see!  The incredible benefits of the Founders Club lots are once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to become a Founder of Galt's Gulch Chile, with 75% of the transaction amount being paid back to you over three years from contract date, allowing you to purchase a 10-hectare estate lot for only $125,000!  

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Panoramic Conceptual Master Plan

This is the interactive map of the conceptual master plan of the Galt’s Gulch Chile Community. Click here to view the map. Then click on the tags for 360˚ views of our property.

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Organic Farm Program

Galt's Gulch Chile currently has approximately 125 acres of transitional organic farmland, with a sizeable portion in operation now, which you can become an owner of!  We have ownership packages starting at $13,000 USD!  Our farm ownership program is part of the Founders Club at GGC, which affords our farm owners 3-year paybacks on a significant portion of the transaction price!    

Click on the Organic Farm Program link in the menu at the top of the page for more details about how you can invest in the farm and earn a passive income year after year.

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Outdoor Activities

With over 10 square miles of beautiful hills, mountains and valleys, Galt's Gulch Chile has outdoor activities for every taste. From horseback riding to mountain biking, hiking to gardening, if you like being outside in an excellent climate, Galt's Gulch Chile is for you!

Galt's Gulch Chile Fall Celebration!
April 24th - 28th




Galt's Gulch Chile's Fall celebration is happening from April 24th through the 28th. Registration for the event has opened for this exciting event, so we encourage you to contact one of our team for more details before it's sold out.

A variety of guest speakers, including Josh Tolley, Wendy McElroy, Adam from Coin4ce, and others from the local area as well as abroad will be here to inform and entertain you. During our expatriate fair, we'll be hosting many skilled professionals, including accountants, corporate and trust lawyers, architects, construction contractors, entreprenuer coaches, Bitcoin enthusiasts and experts, and relocation specialists.



Fall Celebration Entertainment


Recently confirmed, Golden State will be performing at the Fall Celebration. Their music has been featured on Gossip Girl, Deadliest Catch, and most recently The Following. We're thrilled that they've agreed to come play for us, and be part of our event. Check out their music, and check them out live at Galt's Gulch Chile!


Preview golden state’s hit songs here, then see them live at Galt’s Gulch Chile’s Fall Celebration!



More info about our Fall Celebration


Latest News at Galt's Gulch Chile

  • Galt's Gulch Chile Becomes the First Libertarian Community Accepting Bitcoin

    Galts Gulch Chile, a Libertarian real estate project in Chile, has become the first real estate project of its kind to accept Bitcoin.

    Designed as a residential organic farming community with clean water, organic foods, and renewable energy, the project raises the question: What cant you buy with Bitcoin now?

  • Galt’s Gulch Chile Announces Partnership With Bitcoinschile.cl

    Galt’s Gulch Chile has partnered with Bitcoinschile.cl to become the leading supplier and exchange for Bitcoin in Chile.

    The move follows GGC’s November 13 announcement that it would accept Bitcoin for real estate sales, adding yet another product available for purchase with the popular cryptocurrency. GGC is currently accepting Bitcoin at 20% above the spot price for select residential lots within the self-sustaining libertarian community.

  • Galt's Gulch Chile Acquires Over 11 Square Miles of Additional Land

    Galt’s Gulch Chile (GGC) has acquired 6,874 additional acres of pristine development and organic farm land. GGC's new land is situated within the Chilean coastal mountain range 10 miles north of Curacaví, Chile. 

  • Galt’s Gulch Chile Holds Inaugural Spring Celebration

    Galt’s Gulch Chile (GGC) holds its inaugural Spring Celebration this week, October 30 – November 4, 2013, at the main clubhouse of GGC within its Curacaví, Chile property. The celebration is the first public event sponsored by the self-sustaining community inspired by Ayn Rand’s masterpiece, Atlas Shrugged.

  • Check out our new game... Now you are able to walk at GGC from your personal computer.


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